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Production/ Strong drinks/ Wolfgang Bierschnaps
Vilniaus alus
Wolfgang Bierschnaps

Spirit drink „Wolfgang Bierschnaps" (50%) 0,7 L


Limited edition. Only 1058 psc. produced.


During a visit to Vilnius, Lithuania, Wolfgang, a small spirits producer of Austrian origin, told people about this extraordinary drink he had obtained by distilling already matured beer. As he matured this distillate again, due to the final colour and similar process, he called this drink beer whiskey. This was a novelty even in Germany, as this beer distillate was not made from young beer, but from matured beer. Wolfgang shared this discovery and pointed out that because the distillate is made from already matured beer it is full of fruitful taste sweet smell.


We try to recreate the poorly described Wolfgang recipe as accurately as possible. That’s why we play this very rare taste in honor of Wolfgang using our beer “Ąžuolas” aged in oak barrels for 6 months, the distillate of this beer we matured for another 12 months in the same white oak whiskey barrels.

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